hi guys its been a while since the last entry..
didn't have any ideas to put on..
[ye la tu]

we know how much time you spend
on the social networking...(~ukhwah fillah konon)
i think most of us start with friendster...
my space,
then followed by facebook...what's next?
maybe twitter after this.
for those who are more advanced..hehe
they have their own blog..

people who can get the wi-fi connection,
or having their own modem..
they're always appear on9..ooopps!

this doesn't include other social applications
such as yahoo messenger, skype...
do you have one?

either you like it or not..
technologies really benefit for
those who are using them "wisely"
(hey!is there anyone here whose playing online game?~~24/7 for sure!)

this entry doesn't mean to hurt offense!!
just a friendly reminder...
use your 'time' wisely..
don't spend too much time on those technologies..
hey..!i'm supposed to study too..
why am I here..???

gotta go...

Bye n Good luck for your Finals!
~ All D Best ~

"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success".

Henry Ford<3

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